Who can use this bank and what does it contain?

We actively encourage the use of the data available on this bank. It can be used by other researchers and any member of the public.

Without logging in you can see what trial data sets are available. However, you must register in order to download data.

Registration (as a downloader) is needed only to allow us to monitor the use of the data

How do I become a registered user to download the data?

As soon as you are registered, you can start using the data bank. An email confirming creation of your account will be sent to you automatically. You may login at any time to edit both your account and contact details. Any questions, please contact us

How do I download data?

Once registered, navigate to ‘Available Trials’ on the menu bar and select the trial you wish to download. Scroll to the end of the page and click on the files available (trial protocol, data dictionary, data set and, optionally, another trial related document). Download the files to your computer. Any questions, please contact us

How do I contribute data to this bank?

We are happy to upload to this bank data from clinical trials in the field of trauma and emergency medicine. In order to upload a trial you will need to register and login. Once you have logged in, you will then see the Upload and Download links on the Data Sharing page. Any questions, please contact us

What will be needed when contributing data?

1. Trial Protocol:

PDF format only. This should be a full protocol, not a summary.

2. Data Dictionary:

PDF format only. This should contain a full description of all the variables (fields) in the data set and relevant coding, e.g. 0=Male, 1=Female.

3. Data Set:

CSV format only. The trial data set should comprise columns (variables) and rows (each row a complete patient record).

4. Other documents (optional):

PDF format only. This may contain other information relevant to your trial.


(e.g. no names, patient initials, hospital ID number)